5 stars and 4 aces.

I feel fortunate to have had such a successful knee replacement with the Dr. Nordt tea.

So caring .. best care from a team of doctors. I have ever seen! My knees are now perfect.

Totally Awesome!

Dr. Nordt and Chris Newlin along with his staff have been awesome. No question or concern on mine has been unimportant to them. I have given the best care.

I’d like to thank Dr. Nordt and Chris for the wonderful treatment. The entire OrthoVA staff has been very helpful in helping me to get my treatment and surgery. Top shelf team @ OrthoVA. Thank you!

The whole team has been wonderful.

The experience I have had with Dr. Nordt and his team has been awesome! My surgery for total know replacement went well as did the physical therapy. I can do everything I want and more with my new knee! Thanks Dr. Nordt!

Such a great team! From surgery, recovery at the hospital, and physical therapy at. OrthoVirginia was fantastic! Recovery was better and faster than I expected. Dr. Nordt and Chris are my go to team! Nursing staff at hospital was exceptional! The anesthesiologist was friendly, professional and informative. I tell everyone to go to Nordt! Haven’t felt this great in years!

Excellent surgery and feedback on operation. Followup info is most helpful.

Doctor Nordt was very attentive. Staff was excellent. My recovery is almost 100%.

Dr. Nordt is great and has a good team.

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